Baah OK, OK so I’ll admit to being that Blogger, who coasted through this last weekend merely reposting links of motivational self help material Lo siento por ser ese tipo!  Or in other words I’m sorry for being that guy!  It’s tough to get those creative juices flowing though sometimes, and keep it original, when you’re in my business.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with letting other people’s word influence you.  As long as they are given due credit of course.  I mean thats what they wrote it to begin with.  To be shared with others.  It’s the original stuff that’s going to set you aside from the norm.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that.

Whew a Monday starting out with an apology, Geeeez I’d better lighten the air up a bit here and at least talk about SOMETHING worth reading!   OK,  so I’ve noticed lately with Labor Day a mere 7 days out, people in the business world seem to have shut off their brains already and punched out, sitting on the deck of their cabin up Nort  (eh?).  I personally, am making it a goal this week to play catch up on some paperwork and also a bit of  (post summer) cleaning in the office.  Always keeping that upper hand in your workplace is one of the most proactive things you can do, when it seems that there is nothing TO do.  (Don’t t try to tell me you’re never bored at work, either)  Ha! 

Someday the wife and I will have the luxury of headin up to the cabin for the long weekend while my directors run the show, and you can best believe I’ll be soaking it up.   However, until then it’s best to make the most out of it.  I find it pretty ironic that most of my quarterly book-work and organizing gets accomplished the week before a major holiday, when everyone else has let their guard down.  Don’t forget, regardless of what you do, We’re all in the same race.  Find a way to creep ahead of you’re opponent when they least expect it!  If you don’t think you have an opponent, then you’re doing something wrong…….find an opponent

There you have it folks, snatch your slice of the Monday pie and wolf it down!  Just don’t jump off your horse quite yet, because you wouldn’t want to your opponents to gain the upper hand.

Yours in Hospitality,


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