Hit the sack around noon today and didn’t wake up until 9:30p and when I came into work, everyone is talking about this massive storm we had this afternoon, 3 inches of rain in a half hour Geeeez!  Wow I really slept like a log I guess.  Got a new winshield on the CX7 today.  We had a small chip several weeks ago and actually had a service fill in the chip to avoid further cracks.  Then within a matter of hours the following day a huge crack spreads across the whole winshield!  Thank God for the service guarantee and winshield insurance coverage!

Planning to do some more work on the website tonight, after the (day job) duties are complete.  Always gotta keep your day job, right?  I am hoping to get somewhat inspired to start working on the sequel to Hospitality: Minnesota Nice, but the juices just don’t seem to be flowing.  It’s hard to decide whether to work on marketing the one product or working on a new….I’m sure this is the same problem with a lot of business owners. 

Well if your reading this then it’s officially Wednesday and I wish you a Happy Mid-Week!!!  I start my weekend today, so I look forward to fishing and relaxing a bit, probably some of that “Honey-Do” list too I’m sure

Yours in Hospitality,