Good Morning,

Wow, the time sure is dragging along on the old night shift today!  Luckily my day is about to end.  I feel for anybody hitting their alarm clock right now, rolling over and going “Arrrrrrrghhh”  or whatever non-human sound they make when they first roll out of bed and stretch.  In my opinion, Tuesday has to have a reason to be great and I think the only way to survive it, is to give it a crazy title and be sure to do something crazy if possible.  For example: Taco Tuesday, or Tomato Juice Tuesday, hell you could even end your day with Tequila Tuesday!  Just be sure to not start your day that way, come on…what is it 1952?

My point being find a reason to enjoy your day today. even if it is still Seventy-some hours until the official weekend!

Yours in Hospitality,

Brian Nylander

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